Bike thief caught on camera in Old Town Alexandria

Alexandria Police are trying to track down a bike thief. Authorities say that despite warning signs and surveillance cameras at an Old Town Condominium garage, a man pulled out bolt cutters, sliced off locks and got away with three bikes. It happened Saturday morning on North Washington Street.

Janice Rattray and fellow residents are deeply troubled by this suspect's approach.

"He was here for about a half an hour,” said Rattray. “So he obviously wasn't too worried about getting caught."

According to the video, the suspect forced his way in at around 4 a.m., covered his face with a black ball cap and then headed down to the bike racks.

At one point he looked up, saw the camera and tried to hide his face. But that didn't deter him. He took his time cutting through stubborn locks and in the process walked away with three nice rides. Police say one bike cost well over $1,000.

"It is good that we have the video,” said Ralph Litizia. “That is much more comforting. We're getting him on video so the hope is that eventually we are going to catch this person."

What has residents even more concerned is that they, and police, believe that this suspect may be responsible for two other crimes that took place here earlier in the year.

"Somebody like that who is breaking in, walking down our corridors into our elevators, taking their time, you'd think if they're that brazen what else are they going to do," said Rattray.