BB gun vandals caught in Arlington

(WJLA) - The shattered glass, taped-up garbage bags, and empty window space are all the result of a vandalism spree most people discovered long after it was all over.

Sher Tareem was staying with a relative on North Nottingham in Arlington Saturday night. On Sunday morning, the windows in both of her cars were gone.

"I heard some noise late at night and didn't think much about it," said her relative. "I mean, it's crazy. You wouldn't think such a thing in this part of Arlington or any part of Arlington, to be honest."

Arlington Police have since arrested 19-year-old Antonio Lopez and 20-year-old Christopher Albrant – both of Arlington – for going on a BB gun shooting spree early Sunday that resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in damage to at least 85 vehicles.

Arlington Police explain that both suspects were indiscriminately firing out their windows while driving through North Arlington near Lee Highway.

"Our detectives are still conducting interviews with them now to see if this was part of a larger spree of destruction cases," explained an officer.

The case ended shortly after a resident heard shooting, spotted the vehicle, and called 911. Soon, police pulled over a 2011 Chevy Malibu at the corner of North Lexington and North 19th Streets. Inside, they found two pistol-style BB guns, numerous BB’s on the floorboard, and a 40-caliber handgun.

Now, Sher Tareem is left with one question that everyone else in the neighborhood is also asking: What was the motive?