Barry Fig, hockey coach, faces felony charges

Former hockey player and youth hockey coach Barry Fig is out on a $3,500 bond and faces eight felony charges, 37 misdemeanors and up to a decade in prison.

“It is a lot,” says Ramon Korionoff, the public affairs director for the Montgomery County state’s attorney's office. “There are multiple victims with 45 charges at this point and the grand jury handed that down today and it shows just how serious these crimes are.”

Fig is accused of stealing from fellow hockey players at at least six local rinks. Police say Fig simply walked into the lobby, checked team schedules, and while unsuspecting players hit the ice, slipped into locker rooms. There he allegedly rifled through purses and hockey bags. He made off with cash, credit cards, and driver's licenses.

Documents show Fig used the credit cards to shop at Target and other stores.

“Even though you know it’s a locker room and you think your stuff is safe, you really can’t just leave it out because you really don’t know what’s going to happen,” says Korionoff.

Police arrested Fig after a routine traffic stop for an expired vehicle registration tag. When they searched his car, Montgomery County police found seven credit cards and several driver’s licenses belonging to other people.

Fig was a youth hockey coach for the Montgomery County Youth Hockey Association during the 2011-2012 season, but quit mid-season. Fig was also a player for Hockey North America, an adult hockey league, until early this year. A representative for the league says he has since been kicked out.{ }

Fig faces multiple charges in Arlington and Fairfax counties for similar acts. It's not the first time{ }he has run into law. Court records show Fig has faced multiple burglary and theft charges since 2009.