Bank robber paralyzes neighborhood with bomb scare

UPDATE Friday, 7:33 p.m.: In a release issued moments ago, D.C. police have identified the robbery suspect as 63 year-old Morris Matthew Clayton.

He has been charged with robbery fear.

According to the statement, as the suspect was leaving the bank, two MPD officials noticed that the individual fit the suspect's description and they immediately stopped him.

Police say the Explosive Ordinance Division responded to the scene and no hazardous materials were found.

Bank robber paralyzes neighborhood with bomb scare

A bank robber who said he had a bomb paralyzed part of D.C. for several hours today.

It happened at a TD Bank in the 1200 block of First Street in Northeast.

Police cordoned off the bank moments after a man walked in and said he had an explosive inside a bag.

He demanded money, got it, and and took off.

Police arrested a suspect in the robbery a short time later.

Word of the bank robbery spread quickly.

Workers who had left for lunch could not go back, Those on the inside got stuck as well.

As a big wait began, most were wondering if it was a robbery or a bomb scare.

While police secured the scene and investigators checked out the bag with the mysterious contents, a lot of people had to sit and wait.

Rather than worried or frightened, most were just annoyed.

Even after investigators appeared to determine there was no bomb, the streets remained closed and the lock down continued.

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