Arlington police look for witnesses in fatal pedestrian accident

A Metro bus dashboard camera was rolling as bystanders simply pass a man seriously injured after he was struck by a car in Arlington.

Police say no one stopped to help the man, as he bled on a sidewalk at{ } Columbia Pike and Four Mile Run.

Arlington resident Kim Watson said, "No one tried to offer any help or assistance."

Traffic and street lights in the area were out following the June 29 derecho, making the darkened street more dangerous. Police say the pedestrian was struck by a vehicle that didn’t stop at the traffic signal that was out.

The July 1 bus recording shows passengers waiting for the bus look back toward the victim. One person appears to say a quick prayer, but goes to his seat. No one stayed to tell Arlington County police what happened.

The video left Arlington residents Tiara Williams and Glenn Davis shocked.

"Heartless," Davis said.

Williams added, "If it was an animal or a person, I would have called the ambulance. I wouldn't have just stopped and looked and kept walking."

Police released the video in an effort to find those seen in the footage, because they witnessed what became a fatal accident and do not face criminal charges.

The driver of the Honda that struck the man stopped immediately after the crash. For now, her account is the only one police have.

Williams is only left with questions for those who ignored the man in need.

"Why would they not stop, or call the police or do anything? How could you just walk past somebody like that?," she asked.

See the surveillance footage police released below.

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