Arlington attacks leave women on edge

Woman in Arlington are being urged to be vigilant following an attack on two women in the Clarendon area.

Police are still searching for the man they believe is responsible for the attacks.

"It makes me feel tingly inside. It makes me a little scared," says Toshia Brandon, who works in the area.

Visitor Tina Smith adds, "Always watch your back. Kinda keep your head on a swivel so to speak."

Smith is keeping her guard up after the series of sexual assaults.

"It kinda terrifies me, because you feel like you can walk freely, jog and not have to worry about that, especially in a neighborhood like this," Smith explains.

Police say around midnight May 11 a woman walking in the 2100 block of Lee Highway was grabbed, thrown to the ground and sexually assaulted.

She punched her attacker in the stomach and was thrown into the bushes, as the suspect ran off.

Police say a 26-year-old woman was the victim in the other attack. As she walked inside her garage in the 3300 block of Washington Boulevard, she noticed a man lurking behind.

When she tried to close the door, he blocked the sensor, sending the garage back up.{ } Fortunately, she managed to run inside and call 911.

Arlington resident Christina Hortman lives just a block away from the Washington Boulevard attack. Hortman says the crime makes her "feel nervous."

"...a lot of times when we're working in the yard or doing stuff downstairs in our own house, we leave our garage door open, so it makes me feel not as safe," Hortman adds.

Police say staying safe boils down to common sense.

Arlington Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck explains, "Trust your instincts. Don't travel alone at night. It goes back to I guess what parents remind their daughters at all times."

According to police, the woman in the Lee Highway attack is also in her mid-20s. Police add both women were in positions where they appeared vulnerable to their attacker.