Alonzo Meadows, robbery suspect, indicted on federal gun charge

A man accused of robbing a Frederick jewelry store in February has been charged in federal court in connection with a stolen U.S. marshal's gun, The Frederick News Post reports.

Alonzo Lee Meadows is one of three men accused of robbing Colonial Jewelers after dousing customers and employees with pepper spray. The heist was caught on surveillance camera. Police say the trio smashed jewelry cases and made off with over $190,000 worth of high-end watches.

Meadows was arrested at his girlfriend's house in Southeast Washington the next day. It was there where police found the stolen U.S. marshal's semi-automatic rifle, along with five loaded magazines.

The News Post reports Meadows was prohibited from owning a gun and ammunition because of his criminal record. He faces 10 years for the charge.

Police have made no other arrests in the robbery case.