Alexis Simpson: Witnesses take the stand in Bowie State murder trial

It was a dramatic day in court for those involved in the murder trial of Alexis Simpson, the Bowie State student accused of murdering her roommate.

Last Sept., 18-year-old Dominique Frazier was stabbed to death. Simpson swung the knife and inflicted the mortal wounds, but her attorneys argue she acted in self-defense. They claim her actions were prompted by Frazier's bullying and a three-on-one fight. Prosecutors contend Simpson's actions were brought on by bad choices alone, claiming Simpson killed Frazier over loud music being played on an iPod.

The trial has been a painful process for both families.

In court Tuesday, one of Frazier's closest friends and a witness to her death described the increasingly hostile relationship between Frazier and Simpson. She says on Sept. 15, 2011, the tension between the two came to a violent conclusion. She recalled the fight began over loud music and ended with the stabbing.

The witness testified Simpson was the aggressor. But under cross examination, she admitted another friend fought Simpson on Frazier's behalf and that Frazier had a knife of her own.

While the testimony merits points for the defense, Frazier's family insists it was not self-defense.

"Because Dominique was not that way...," said one of Frazier's cousins.

Simpson is charge with first degree murder. The trial is expected to last three days.