Alexandria Police keep quiet on details of Severance case

(WJLA) - The pain caused by the murders in Del Ray continues to hang over this Alexandria community, while the victims’ loved ones live with it every day.

"I'm not doing too well...After I got the medical examiner's report on how he was killed, I just can't imagine how horrible it was for him to die like that," says Anne Haynes, the widow of Ron Kirby.

Kirby was a transportation official who was killed at their home last November. While Haynes is aware police are now harrowing their focus on Charles Severance, she still wants to see concrete evidence tying him to Kirby’s murder.

"The police won't tell me, and frankly, I don't think they have a lot of evidence to connect it to anyone," she says.

"For the public it's never soon enough. Because you want to get to some resolution,” says Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook, who confirms Severance as the department’s primary focus at this time. "There are some things that are unique to him and his circumstances."

Though Severance is not officially a suspect, as police have yet to recover a murder weapon and Cook will not discuss any specific evidence, he does say that circumstantial and forensic evidence do lead investigators to the 53-year-old:

"Right now we're not prepared to name anyone, including Mr. Severance as the person who committed this crime -- but we're looking more closely at him."

Despite the lack of information available to the public, for longtime Del Ray residents like Kristin Jackman, the focus on Severance is cause for relief:

"It makes me feel safer. It makes me feel better about living here in Del Ray."