Albrecht Muth's alleged boyfriend testifies

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A man who says he was dating Albrecht Muth testified Wednesday in Muth’s murder trial. He talked about what led up to the 2011 murder of Muth’s wife, Viola Drath.

Auran Awan, 27, testified Wednesday that he put an ad for a “mentor” on Craigslist and 49-year-old Muth responded, promising to help the younger man find work and important contacts in exchange for romance.

The night police say Muth killed his 91-year-old wife, Awan says Muth took him to Reagan-era ambassador Timothy Towell’s Georgetown home where they talked foreign policy, but Muth became so drunk Awan had to hold up his new friend on the walk to Muth’s Georgetown home. Awan said he declined an invitation to go inside. Within hours, Muth’s wife was beaten and choked to death, prosecutors say. Muth denies he killed her.

“I wasn’t even there when she was killed… I did not return to the house until approximately 10 p.m.,” Muth told ABC’s Martha Radatz in March.

Muth, who has starved himself down to 90 pounds, is participating via videoconferencing from his hospital bed at United Medical Center in Southeast Washington.

Members of Drath’s family sat in the front row in court. Fran Drath testified Tuesday that her mother didn’t invite them to the wedding to Muth, but did get a prenuptial agreement. Months before her death, Viola Drath had cut Muth out of her will completely.

Awan testified Muth told him Drath knew he was gay. Muth told another gay friend he married Drath, 44 years his senior, so he could get a green card.