Air Jordan Retro 11: Shots fired into crowd waiting for shoes

People lined up overnight in the cold to be the first to get their hands on the new Air Jordan Retro 11’s. And while the scene in Hyattsville was calm, that wasn’t the case for everywhere else.

On H St. NE Friday, someone shot into the crowd waiting for the new shoes, which retail for $185. A neighbor heard the shots.

“It was very scary and we were very frightened, especially if it was just over shoes or something,” they say.

Police say three gunmen approached the crowd trying to rob people in line. One resident said he would never wait in a line here.

“Stupid over a pair of shoes so your child can get robbed out here over a $100 pair of shoes,” says Larry Walker.

“That’s crazy. The police know these kids are going to be out here and they are out here all night long so where was the police protection at?” asks Lawrence Perry.

It seems trouble follows the release of the shoes. Crowds were sprayed with pepper spray in Texas and Alabama overnight. DTLR, the retailers here, escorted ABC7 from the store and said they didn’t know what happened.