Acid bombs at Tysons movie theater considered 'act of terrorism'

(WJLA) - Cell phone video shows the massive emergency response to initial 911 calls of an active shooter at Tysons Corner:

“It was a big loud bang, similar to gunfire,” says evacuated movie patron, Ricky Dunbar.

Dunbar and his father were among hundreds of movie patrons stunned – not by gunfire, but a loud “pop” from a device called an “acid bomb.” Acidic chemicals and sometimes metals are mixed in a bottle that expand and blow up.

“This is an act of terrorism. You're creating fear and anxiety and even perhaps injuries and damage for an event,” says Dep. Chief Mike Reilly with the Fairfax County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Fire investigators say there were two devices that went off in two separate theaters on Sunday morning during a final, climactic scene of the movie, “Godzilla.”

Experts say these acid bombs are powerful enough to blow off your hand, and Dunbar says there was no trampling rush for the exits, but says patrons were confused and scared:

“That was my dad's and my favorite movie theater to go to…we're worried about going back.”