'Show Out' gang members indicted for D.C. beatings

WASHINGTON (AP/WJLA) - Nine alleged gang members have been indicted in beatings that D.C. police say targeted the homeless and other vulnerable people.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier announced charges Thursday against members of a street crew that called themselves "Show Out."

She says the group attacked homeless people on the streets, including some who were sleeping, as well as people who they perceived to be weaker and those who were distracted.

The gang has members across Washington ranging in age from 15 to 22 years old. They’re accused of assault, hate crimes, robberies and destruction of property. Detectives say the violent crime spree began about a year ago when the group met socializing on the streets of Chinatown.

There is video of the{ }gang standing at a bus stop in Chinatown before they allegedly beat a man unconscious this summer and then tried to hide his body so the victim couldn't be seen by those who passed by.

“I can tell you, the sheer volume of crimes sometime more than one in a day is disturbing in itself,” says Lanier.

ABC7 spoke with a 31-year-old victim of the Show Out crew who had her phone ripped away from her on the metro.

“I am elated that they could get them off the street and away from public,” she says.{ }

Sources explain the Show Out crew even bragged about their exploits on YouTube and numerous violent videos appear to depict how they had to fight one another to get in the gang. But it was the attacks on unsuspecting victims, even homeless persons as they slept, that bothered Lanier most.{ }

Police say the crew attacked and robbed as a group, including twice at an Exxon on Florida Avenue.

The beatings occurred this year in popular areas of the city including Chinatown, Adams Morgan and Foggy Bottom.

The group is also accused of orchestrating so-called "flash mob robberies." More members are expected to be arrester, but the number of crimes isn't known yet.