FOSE 2013 Focuses On Tech Mobility And Security

      Every year, the Federal Office Systems Exposition -- better known as FOSE -- shows off the hottest gizmos, gadgets and technology toys for government agencies and for the private sector.

      And this year, the expo featured trends in mobility and security concerns, from smartphone waterproof casings with military-standard durability to the so-called "most secure flash drives on the planet" - said to be used by the Pentagon and the White House.

      Tech companies are building new hardware for an increasingly mobile world. But they're also developing and selling new software.

      With new technology comes new opportunities to move more and more of the federal workforce mobile. But that mobility also creates security concerns - a major focus at this year's FOSE.

      Mischel Kwon is the former director of the federal government's Computer Emergency Readiness Team.

      Leading a session on current threats in cyberspace, Kwon warned that mobile devices "up the risk" of an attack.

      "The idea of an enclave with a firewall in front of it; those days are over," Kwon says. "So the way we monitor our networks needs to be different, where we place our sensors, how we protect our data."

      FOSE 2013 also featured panels on the cloud and virtualization, business intelligence as well as records and information management.