Working on Thanksgiving a new tradition for some businesses

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) – It appears that Old Navy has a new tradition: working on Thanksgiving.

{ }"As a worker I wouldn't like to work today, but as a shopper it's awesome that it's open," said Jakelyn Funes.

Every Macy’s location from Manhattan to Westfield Montgomery Mall is also open this Thanksgiving day – a first for the 155-year-old department store giant.

"You're working every day and it's work-work-work. I think it's good for them to stay home and have the same happy Thanksgiving as for us too," said Macy's shopper Sofia Psoras.

Still, many companies are resisting the capitalist urge – Apple, Costco, Marshall’s, Lowe’s, Nordstrom, and Verizon, to name a few.

In fact, supermarkets and big-box retailers are outlawed from opening on Thanksgiving in the states of Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts.

"It's nice that it's not an entirely commercial event. Having said that, we are going to see 'Frozen' right now with our four-year-old and seven-year-old," said movie theater patron Iris Rubin.

But the decision to employ labor on this holiday could prove to be lucrative.

The National Retail Federation estimates that 33 million Americans will shop this Thanksgiving. That’s more than five times the number of people in the state of Maryland.

"I'm trying to avoid the Black Friday craziness, but if I leave it to the last minute, they won't have exactly what I'm looking for come Christmastime," said Old Navy shopper Gina Maggio.