Wegmans opens store in Germantown

By Kristen Holmes/WJLA

GERMANTOWN (WJLA) - Nearly 1,000 people lined up at 7 a.m. Sunday for the grand opening of Wegmans in Germantown.

"What's really exciting today, it's 7:20 a.m. and we are out of shopping carts," says Phil Quattrini, store manager. "It's somewhat standard for our stores. We do have a little bit of a crowd."

Shoppers paced the aisles as they picked up some of their favorite items, excited about the supermarket's new location.

"I just love Wegmans," says Arlette Romano, who traveled from Gaithersburg. "It is so awesome. It has everything. I'm so glad it's finally here near me, and forget Giant, I'll never go back there again!"

In addition to the roughly 70,000 products Wegmans will bring to Germantown, it also brought something else - jobs. The small supermarket chain hired 550 employees from in and around the area.

"We got 10,000 applicants, so we feel like we got what would be considered the cream of the crop," says Quattrini.

Quattrini, a 25-year Wegmans veteran, also explained that some of the new employees have been training for months, depending on their department.

"Wegmans takes care of their employees," says John Reaves.

Reaves is a loyal customer and has also done contract work with the store.

"I've been waiting for this store to open for 10 years, for one to come to our area," he says.

Wegmans is family run and has stores in New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. This is the first store in Montgomery County and the seventh in Maryland.

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