Website, app allows users to find clothes stars wear on TV

The latest season of Scandal may have ended Thursday night, and the storylines and drama heading into season 3 of the show are not the only things on the minds of many fans.

Lest we forget the fashion that was on display in each episode - most notably the clothes worn by Kerry Washington in her role as Olivia Pope.

"Her coats are amazing, her suits are amazing, her blouses...everything" D.C.-based event planner Yodit Gebrayes says. "Even her shoes."

If you want to get your hands on them, unsurprisingly, there's an app and a website for that. A new site, GetThis.TV, syncs with shows like Scandal, allowing users to shop for the exact fashion that the stars are wearing on screen.

A quick search for a recent episode of the ABC drama tracks down a red Michael Kors dress and blazer worn by Mellie Grant, priced at more than $1,000. A blue blazer worn by Olivia Pope rings in for more than $300.

The app's curators have also identified similar looks for less from shows including Revenge and Shark Tank. Non-apparel items, such as accessories, glasswear and furnishings, are on the site as well.