Washington Business Report - May 11, 2014

On this week's edition of the Washington Business Report with Rebecca Cooper:

Peet's Coffee CEO Dave Burwick

Coffee is big business, and strategy is pivotal for success, especially when coffee shops are fighting giants like Starbucks.

Dave Burwick, the CEO of Peet's Coffee and Tea says he's ready to take on the big players in the coffee market. He has an impressive resume proving he can do it, too.

In this week's one-on-one interview, Rebecca Cooper chats with Dave about how to perk up a brand that already has a cult following.


Networking has been a buzz word for years now: People connecting in an effort to bolster the contacts in their cell phone.

But is old school networking and new school tech reliance a combination that is watering down the quality of our business relationships? The guests in this week's round table say networking isn't working and explain why that needs to change.

Mother's Day

Many successful people credit mom as one of their main mentors and motivators. Mothers can be a source of inspiration, guidance. They can be someone we aim to make proud.

We asked successful people we've featured on the show just how much their mother has helped them on the road to success.