Washington Business Report - April 6, 2014

MGM Resorts prepares for local hiring spree

MGM Resorts is moving ahead with plans to build a destination resort casino at National Harbor, creating 4,000 jobs in Prince George's County.

In his exclusive interview with Washington Business Report's Rebecca Cooper, the head of the company says the years leading up to the Maryland project were "horrendous," notably in 2009.

"It looked like the perfect storm of problems," says James Murren, CEO of MGM Resorts International.

"We had banks that wouldn't call me back, we had a partner that wasn't happy with us, we had 10,000 construction workers working on the largest project in the United States when the equity markets had dried up, and we had fewer people visiting Las Vegas because they just didn't have the money or the means to do so. "

In his interview, he describes how it took "heroic efforts" to get the entertainment giant back on solid ground, and what the new Maryland project will look like.

Get to know yourself

It's the most widely used personality test in the world.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a short assessment completed by approximately 2 million people a year, and most consider it the gold standard of psychological assessments, used by employers in businesses, government agencies and educational institutions.

Workplace specialist Mary Abbajay of Careerstone Group says getting to know which of the MBTI 16 personality types an employee matches can help efficiency and productivity at work.

"Bruising loss" for Mayor Gray: Lang

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and DC Primary winner Muriel Bowser will need some time before they can ever be close, says Barbara Lang, CEO of Lang Strategies after this week's primary vote.

"This was a bruising campaign. They didn't have the best relationship before [the race]," Lang said during the round table discussion on Washington Business Report, adding Gray did not expect to have to put up such a tough fight.

Mary Kane, President and CEO of Sister Cities International and former candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Maryland also weighed in on Maryland's Health Care Exchange as the weekly roundtable discussion heated up.