Warm winter weather hurts ski resort business

The up and down temperatures we've been experiencing are causing a real problem for local ski resorts.

The ski-lifts at Liberty Mountain in Fairfield, Pennsylvania are silent and still.

Mountain Services Director Steve Martin said, "I think it stinks. Hopefully, it will turn around quick."

Instead of white slopes, there's only green grass, mud and fog.

Anne Weimer, marketing director for the resort, added, "Of course we're anxious.We want to be skiing and snow-boarding ourselves. It's what we love to do."

The December "warm wave" is tough for the ski resort business.

Last season, skiers had to wait until January to hit the slopes at Liberty Mountain.

"We're pretty much like glorified farmers here, just waiting for the weather to turn a bit colder," Assistant Mountain Manager Zachary Marlowe said.

They don't even need natural snow. As long as the air is about 30 degrees or below, the resort can make its own snow.

Martin said, "If we can get low humidity and 25 to 26 degrees, we can pump out a whole lot of snow in a hurry."

For now, the only while is in the sand traps at the resort's golf course.

Phil Delpopolo of Fairfield, Pennsylvania said, "It'll turn around. It'll get cold. It's going to happen."

Weimer added, "It's just the weather. You can't predict it - just got to go with what you're given."