Third Edition closed temporarily, liquor license suspended

A notice posted in the window informs patrons of Third Edition's penalty. (Photo: WJLA)

Bars and restaurants in Georgetown are getting ready for perhaps the busiest New Year's Eve in years.

But Third Edition will not reap the Saturday night benefits. Its doors have been temporarily closed.

Tonight the popular bar and nightclub, once showcased in a well known 80's movie, is dark and will remain that way until next Wednesday after getting it's liquor license suspended.

During separate police sting operations earlier this year, nearly 20 underage customers were served alcohol in one night and a 20 year old was allowed to drink using someone else's ID.

Management at the bar told ABC7 off camera they were hoping to serve their suspension after the holidays.

On their website it reads "due to circumstances beyond our control" they will be closed and all guests who have purchased advance tickets for the New Year's Eve Party will be contacted shortly.

According to the board's documents, Third Edition told the ABC board that it's working to change its business practices. The board states, "We sincerely hope the respondent's management is successful, because business as usual at Third Edition is currently unacceptable."