The bizarre, expensive and odd items left behind at TSA gates

TSA Lost and Found (ABC7)

It's Spring Break travel season and that means a surge of people coming to visit the District.

This year, TSA says the number of people flying is expected to be up 7 percent compared to last year.

As the security lines grow, so do the number of bins here inside Reagan National Airport's TSA "lost and found."

"I'm really surprised at the volume of items left behind here, it's usually not even as much at a larger airport as we get here," says TSA Officer Racheal Abraham

In the past month the TSA has collected dozens of laptops, tablets, smartphones, credit cards and hundreds of dollars in Metro Smart Trip Cards -- most of which sit unclaimed.

"We get lots of them and very rarely are we able to return them because there's no way to know whose it is," adds TSA spokesperson, Lisa Farbstein.

There's also bins of ID's and bags of jewelry.

"The most expensive things have been the watches: Rolex, Cartier, and Tag watches."

While those are all common items, there's a copy of the Constitution and some more unique items that make their way to this room.

"A prosthetic, it was a dragon claw and a lot in here is strange, I guess the head... the mannequin head."

TSA officials say with so many in a hurry to get to their gate, it's easier than you might think to take off without everything you brought.

Here are some Spring Break travel tips:

  • If you're traveling this spring or summer, get the airport in plenty of time.
  • If you're taking an electronic item, be sure tape a business card to the back.
  • Leave your jewelry on, and check your carryon bag once you get to your gate to make sure you don't get burned before your get your vacation started.
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