Starbucks to add alcohol to the menu

A Starbucks location

No doubt the busier hours at Starbucks are in the morning and in the early afternoon. So to gain more customers at later hours, Starbucks is adding beer and wine to four to six new locations in Southern California. They will also be adding more snacks to compliment the new drinks, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The chain tested its alcohol menu in its hometown of Seattle in 2010. But the introduction was met with some apprehension. Some customers want to keep their coffee house and bar separate. Some families do not want to have their kids around alcohol.

The locations already with the menu charge $5 for beer and $7 to $9 for wine. The brands include Rogue Dead Ale and the wines include a Pinot Noir from Oregon, a Prosecco from Italy, and a Malbec from Argentina.

Starbucks is looking mainly to individualize themselves from competitors but according to Jason Moser, an analyst with Motley Food, it's not a "natural extension."

"They're two opposite sides of the coin," Moser tells the Los Angeles Times. "Evolution Fresh was a true effort to move into a brand new business. But alcohol is a complementary offering to what they already have, something that is not going to offer billions of dollars of growth."

Starbucks expects to open 800 new stores in 2012 worldwide.