Starbucks $450 steel gift card to go on sale Friday

The Starbucks gift card will come with $400 in store credit. Photo: Associated Press

(AP/ABC7) - Just in case you need to prove your affinity for Starbucks coffee beyond any shadow of a doubt, you can etch your affection in steel.

Bloomberg and the Associated Press report that the mega-chain of coffee shops will begin selling this week a limited-edition stainless steel gift card. Sold through, the card costs $450 and includes $400 worth of Starbucks store credit.

The card also comes with gold-level membership in the Starbucks rewards program, which comes with several exclusive perks.

Starbucks says the 5,000 cards will go on sale to the general public on Friday, according to the Associated Press.

The gift card sale comes as the company announced major expansion plans. The world's biggest coffee company planning to add at least 1,500 cafes in the U.S. over the next five years.

The plan, which would boost the number of Starbucks cafes in the country by about 13 percent, was announced at the company's investor day in New York Wednesday.

In addition, the Seattle-based company says it will eventually serve a new brand of tea in its cafes. Rather than its Tazo tea, Starbucks is turning its attention to Teavana, which it announced it would acquire last month.