Some stores to stay open 24 hours through Christmas Eve

With just four more days until Christmas, the last minute shopping has begun.

And to help out the last minute crowd, some stores are staying open for 24 hours through Christmas Eve.

Macys and Toys 'R' Us are staying open around the clock in the days leading up to Christmas Eve. Some stores will be open for 83 hours straight.

The countdown to Christmas brings the mad dash for those final finds.

The retail tracking firm Shoppertrak predicts this weekend leading up to Christmas Eve will blow past Black Friday revenues and then some.

And stores are employing every way to entice shoppers.

What are people scooping up? It doesn't matter what age you ask, electronics are once again this year's hot item.

And according to a Reuters Poll, 20 percent of the people hitting the malls this weekend are men who haven't even started their holiday shopping.

Shoppers need to call Macys or Toys 'R' Us to make sure they are one of the stores staying open around the clock.

Check here for a listing of store hours.