Snow day: Shoppers visit Santa at the mall

TYSONS CORNER, Va. (WJLA) - The plows were still removing snow when shoppers started showing up. Snowed in and with nothing to do, D.C. resident Erin Joffre took her two little ones to Tyson’s Corner.

"We had a snow day, but not enough snow to play in the snow," she said.

Both her children, Aiden and Gwyneth, attend District schools. Neither has any classwork today, so they took the day to check out some of the toys on their Christmas lists. Other shoppers enjoyed some window shopping.

The stores are loving the snow day, because as you may remember, they lost a few days due to Black Friday coming late this year.

"It's better than being at home because there is lots to do at the mall. We got to see Santa, we got a treat, we're going to go on a train," said Joffre.

But Skip Shaw doesn’t understand any of it. He’s visiting from Western Pennsylvania, and the couple inches of snow on the ground is nothing to him. It’s a little extreme to have the day off, he says, but understands why people would choose the mall to spend their afternoon.

At Tyson’s Galleria across the street, Stephanie Scruggs had planned on taking the kids out of school anyway because she hadn’t seen them in a while. The mother of four just got back from a work trip where she was gone a week and a half.

"I'm able to spend the whole day with them and also come to the mall and the kids can see Santa...This is a great, great respite for work and regular life." she said.

Scruggs is hoping that if her kids still have the energy, they can go back home and play in the snow while she and her husband sip on some hot chocolate.