Small Business Saturday: One More Page bookstore's sales increase

Eileen McGervey is still excited after President Obama, Sasha and Malia visited her bookstore in Falls Church this weekend. The first family made the visit to “One More Page” as part of Small Business Saturday. The store has been open for two years and McGervey says special events like Small Business Saturday helps with sales.

"The kind of books that you're going to find in our store are very different than the books you'll find at Barnes and Noble or even a bookstore in Maryland," said McGervey.

At “Stifel and Capra,” a local art and vintage store, the owner says she got what she expected this weekend. Sales were up 20 percent compared to last year. It’s a marketing push that works because the owner says people remember and they keep coming back.

Back at “One More Page” Kristin Clark is one of those shoppers who goes out of her way to put together a list of things to get at small businesses.

"It's a lot more interesting than just going into a Macy's and getting something off the shelf," said Clarke. "I would much rather support an actual person who I see as making it."