Shoppers get ready for Black Friday

For Black Friday shoppers, the tradition used to be spending Thanksgiving with family and friends then getting up early Friday morning to shop.

Now many people never go to bed.

Once rare, more and more stores are opening at midnight or earlier.

In what has been a highly controversial decision, Walmart has decided to open at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night this year. Some employees say the decision has denied them a chance to enjoy the holiday with their families.

But Walmart is not alone.

Also opening at 8 p.m.: Sears, Toys 'R' Us and Kmart, which will re-open at 8 p.m. after being open earlier in the day.

Target will not be far behind, opening at 9 p.m. Thanksgiving night.

A number of other stores, like Best Buy, will open at midnight. Others, like J.C. Penny, will open at more "traditional" times like 6 a.m. Friday.

Not everyone has plans to join the crowds on Black Friday.

"I just don't feel like I want to do that," said Capitol Heights resident Mike Revelle. "It's going to be cold. I'd rather be in bed."

But others tell ABC7 they will be hitting the stores.

"Hopefully about 6 a.m. That's the plan," said Upper Marlboro resident Gayle Boyd about her plans to go to Best Buy for a laptop computer.

The National Retail Federation estimates that total sales in November and December will go up 4.1 percent, which is not as high as last year's 5.6 percent jump. Sales on the internet are expected to rise 17 percent, according to research firm comScore.

As a result, physical stores are trying harder than ever to get customers to come in and buy things.

Fortunately for those stores, some customers still prefer the traditional way of holiday shopping to the internet.

"I like to go to the store, see the product and know that it's going to work for me," said Boyd.