Reese's is America's favorite Halloween candy, survey shows

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

(WJLA) - The creamy combination of peanut butter and milk chocolate is by far America's favorite type of Halloween candy, and it's really not even close as compared to other chocolates.

Reese's peanut butter cups ranked as America's favorite candy in a survey done by Chicago-based 24/7 Wall Street, according to USA Today. Over the last year, the research showed that Hershey, the company that makes Reese's, sold $509.85 million worth of the cups - more than 407 million pieces in total - last year.

That's more than $9 million more than the second most popular candy in America, which according to the survey is M&M's.

Snicker's, Hershey's miniatures and Kit Kat bars round out the top 5, according to USA Today. Almond Joy, Milky Way and Twix are among the top 10 as well.

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