Pippa Middleton padded underwear selling fast

Pippa Middleton. (Photo: Facebook)

A padded pair of Pippa panties is heading to a store near you.

That's Pippa Middleton, sister of Princess Kate Middleton, whose well-endowed derriere caught the eyes of millions of viewers during the Royal Wedding and became an overnight Internet trend.

If you were wondering, there's a Facebook page created in honor of her behind.

Thanks to a product called "Pippa Padded Panties," women can also have that desired asset.

The panties, made by Feel Foxy, adds half an inch of removable padding to reach the desired booty size. Feel Foxy makes Beyonce padded panties, too.

The New Zealand Herald reports:

"Buying a pair of padded pants gives instant results compared to hours and hours of working hard in the gym - and costs a lot less too. It's a look we've seen on Hollywood celebs such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, but since Pippa has moved into the media spotlight, she has propelled the desire for more junk in the trunk to new heights."

The panties are already hugely popular in the UK and will soon be coming to American stores.

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