New law boosts business for microbreweries in Montgomery Co.

(WJLA) - At Republic in Takoma Park, there is music, BBQ, and of course – the beer. But on Friday, this restaurant and bar is celebrating more than just American independence.

"The freedom for people to buy and sell the products that they make, and for people to enjoy them," explains Executive Chef Danny Wells.

In Montgomery County, restaurants no longer have to go to the government to tap into local microbrews after a law passed earlier this week.

"If I were to have to go to through Department of Liquor Control to buy it, it would probably cost me 30-percent more," says bar manager Brett Robison.

The whole point of this new law is that it cuts out the middle man and allows micro-breweries to sell directly to local restaurants.

"On Tuesday we were able to bring our kegs here, and it was really exciting to see that business to business and be in a bar like this -- and it is great for the community," says Taylor Barnes with Denizens Brewing Co.

Local brewers also say it boosts business and is more efficient.

"It's a lot easier for these guys to give us a call and get a keg out than ship a keg to the county, process it through and then ship it out," says Port City Brewing Co. sales manager Michael Smothers.

Now, beer enthusiasts plan to fill up, and businesses are raising a glass to the taste of freedom.

"We are hoping this is just the first step in a series of law changes to make things better for the consumer," says Danny Wells.