New D.C. service lets you rent a man

WASHINGTON, D.C. - You can order just about anything online these days - from pizza, to cars.

But a new service in the D.C. area is adding men to that list.

"Rent A Gent" is a new service where women can lease handsome, talented and educated men. It's gaining popularity right here in the nation's capital.

No matter your taste, "Rent A Gent" promises to have a man for every palate.

"We have chefs, bartenders, dancers, guitar players," explains Sara Shikhman, the founder.

Shikhman, a corporate lawyer, came up with the idea for "Rent A Gent" less than a year ago. She was trying to find a man to take to an ex-boyfriend's party, but couldn't find anyone who lived up to her high expectations.

Cordario Worrell admits, he had some reservations at first. But now, he's the most requested "Rent A Gent" in the D.C. area.

"It's a fun way to build your career and get exposure while also bringing joy to other people, specifically women," Worrell explains.

But before you get too excited, there's a catch: no kissing and no sex.

The actor from Bowie, Md. goes by the nickname "Bodi," and can be your "companion" for a mere $200 bucks an hour.

The service is now available in New York City, D.C., Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Diego.

But some have criticized the service, saying it objectifies men and sets unrealistic expectations for women.

Worrell calls this line of work empowering.

"Building positivity for women and showing them a good time and what men, as a whole, have to offer," Worrell said of the job.

Check out the local offerings from Rent A Gent on the company's website.