New Apple iPad on sale: Demand for Apple's new iPad soars on first day of sale

Crowds rush into the Georgetown Apple Store on Friday morning for the new iPad.

(WJLA, AP) - For big fans of Apple and its innovative iPad, the wait is over. Again.

Apple’s newest iPad went on Friday morning, drawing hordes of tech-lovers to stores in the D.C. region and around the world in anticipation of the company’s latest tablet.

The third version of Apple's iPad was released to the buying public at 8{ }a.m.{ }Friday, two years after the release of the first version of the tablet. Apple says the new model has a sharper screen, an improved camera and a faster processor.

The new model will also be available in five other countries beginning at 8 a.m., with 25 other countries getting it a week later.

Camping out in Georgetown

In the{ }Washington Metro{ }region, customers waited patiently outside Apple stores and other retail stores to be among the first owners.

"They just keep coming up with ways to make it better, so I can't be disappointed," Billy Simmons, who waited outside the Georgetown Apple store overnight, said.

The latest iteration of the iPad - simply dubbed the new iPad - has a sharper screen, a faster processor and a five-megapixel camera. It's also the first iPad with the ability to connect to 4G cellular networks.

However, not all who showed up to the Apple Store on Friday morning were there to celebrate the new iPad's release. A group of protesters also camped out in front of the store to speak out about alleged sub-standard working conditions for factory workers in China.

Worldwide outpouring of Apple joy

In Australia Friday morning, there was a countdown, similar to New Year’s Eve, for fans who had been feverishly waiting for the tablet.

For the iPad 2, one woman waited in line then sold her spot for $900. But for the new iPad, she’s hoping to double that figure.

Gadget fans lined up in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore so they could be among the first to get their hands on the device.

About 450 people lined up outside Apple's Ginza store in downtown Tokyo. Some had spent the night sleeping outside the store to be among the first when it opened at 8 a.m. - two hours earlier than usual.