Naked Juice lawsuit settled for $9 million

The makers of Naked Juice settled the lawsuit for $9 million. Photo: Jeff Taylor/Wikimedia Commons

The makers of Naked Juice have settled a class-action lawsuit that claimed the prominent juicemaker was promoting products as all natural that really weren't.

According to the Huffington Post, PepsiCo, the company that makes Naked Juice settled the lawsuit for $9 million, which includes the payout of up to $45 to people who purchased the product between Sept. 27, 2007 and Aug. 19, 2013. If parties can produce a proof-of-purchase, that total goes up to $75.

As part of the settlement, PepsiCo will no longer label Naked Juice as being "all natural" or containing "all-natural fruits," according to

On its Facebook page, the makers of Naked Juice say that their all-natural claims refer to the fruits and vegetables in their drinks and not the vitamins added.