Memorial Day travel: High gas prices not phasing many travelers

A new survey from the AAA says that despite the rapid increase in gas prices over the past month, the majority of people who plan to travel during the Memorial Day weekend say prices at the pump would not change their plans.

However, travelers do say that they'll be cutting back their spending on things like entertainment, shopping and dining to the tune of about $100.

The survey says that six of every ten travelers will not change their plans due to the spike in gas prices, which continue to hover around the $4/gallon mark nationwide and are even higher in the D.C. metro area.

Of those who said that prices at the pump have caused alterations to their travel plans, 70 percent said that they'll take a shorter trip or arrange alternate means of transportation.

One of those alternates includes air travel, which the AAA survey said will increase by 11.5 percent this Memorial Day weekend.

Overall, nearly 31 million of the estimated 34.9 million that AAA says will travel for the holiday weekend will drive to their destination.