Local businesses hurting due to extreme weather

CHEVY CHASE, Md. (WJLA) - The D.C. Kwik-Kopy on Wisconsin Avenue is a family-owned business that likes to offer reliability to its customers. They have been open every day since the snow, and some customers are even using the store as a refuge when their own offices closed.

"We offer a lot of services that you could [use to] operate your business from here if you really needed to," said Tom Gimer, Kwik-Copy operations manager Tom Gimer.

But business has definitely been hurt by the weather.

"The snow has cost us money for sure...if people can't come to pick up their projects, we don't get paid," explained Gimer.

From car dealerships to hardware stores just hoping to be seen over the snow, business have paid big for bad weather.

At Strosnider’s Hardware in Bethesda, snow shovels and sleds and de-icing equipment are all selling well. But the neighborhood store lost sales on items ranging from BBQ equipment to home improvement supplies.

"Painting for example -- the painting department is…might as well close it up!" said store manager Jim Beckett.

Plus, it’s difficult to keep in stock some cold weather hot items, like ice melt.

"Thank you for whoever returned it -- I consider myself lucky, but I'll be more lucky if there's no storm," said Bethesda resident Bob Pooch.

Yet there are some who are profiting from the snow -- such as companies that charge for snow removal, as well as places like SPE Dive School in Montgomery County, where Director Mike Parker says customers are eager to ditch D.C. for the Grand Caymans:

"They're just so sick and tired of it -- it's so depressing and cold and uncomfortable. They want to go somewhere where it's 85 degrees all the time."