Local academy for girls teaches business and fashion

(WJLA) - Nine-year-old Kennedi Loury wants the world to know she has a style all her own – which is why she attends the Fashionista Entrepreneur Academy.

"I just made something up called jewelry-itis!" she exclaims.

It combines her passion for fashion with her passion for business.

"I really want to be an entrepreneur," says Kennedi.

Connie Gorum launched the program for girls in the Prince George’s County back in 2012, aiming to use fashion to teach them business skills.

"That's the perfect engine to help them learn and develop...Science, math, technology, it doesn't matter -- if you integrate that passion in there, it's going to stick with them," she explains.

At one session, the girls designed headbands themselves.

"We're going to wear them to do karate and Zumba because the theme today is fitness," says nine-year-old Phoenix Highsmith.

They’re also learning the importance of being physically and mentally fit.

"If you want to go into business, want the career of your dreams, you can't just be physically fit -- [your] mind has to be right," says Gorum. "Remember -- exercise can be anything. It can be karate, can be dance, running, on your bike..."

So, the girls tested some self-defense moves and got their heart rates up doing Zumba.

Carolyn Robinson-Forrest says her great-granddaughter Domonique is learning important life skills in the program:

"Domonique has always been girly-girly, but now it's coming together; it's like a glove fitting."

"You don't need to impress anybody -- you can just be yourself," says 12-year-old Domonique.