Lloyd's List going out of print, moving to all digital model

Lloyd's List began publishing in 1734. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

(WJLA) - Lloyd's List, one of the world's longest-published newspaper, is going out of print and moving to an all-digital model starting in December, the paper's editor announced Wednesday.

Founded in London in 1734 by a coffee shop owner, Lloyd's List primarily covers topics related to the shipping industry, including energy, law, trade and casualties.

In a letter to readers and employees, editor Richard Meade, said that his publications "landmark decision" is a nod toward innovation and developing more dynamic content.

"In an online market littered with unreliable reports, unverified statements and unquestioned gossip, Lloyd's List has committed itself to highest standards of journalistic integrity and accuracy," Meade said. "We must recognize that a digital platform offers new avenues and platforms for the richer delivery and more effective sharing of information."

Edward Lloyd founded the venerable publication out of Lloyd's Coffee House in London as a way to update people on the latest information in the shipping and marine industry.