Job hunting for military spouses a constant struggle

Wilka Ramos (left) is back on the job hunt. (Photo: Whitney Wild/NewsChannel 8)

As the wife of a military canine trainer, Wilka Ramos is obligated to move every few years. With all that moving comes constant entry into an already dismal job market.

Without a college degree or much work experience, either, the search for Ramos feels more like a battle.

"Every day it's something new," she says. "It's something new you have to deal with."

Wilka's day begins at 5 a.m. every day with a rush to get her family out the door and her house in order. Fighting to land a job in a tough market only adds to that strain.

For military spouses, it's always challenging to move from place to place every few years, but employers say that it's that skill set they've picked up along the way that actually makes them better candidates than their civilian counterparts in some situations.

"Military spouses...bring in that integrity, that respect for others," Charita Mariner, a Walmart store manager, says.

Ramos says she'll keep looking for that perfect job - the one that will let her blend her obligations at home with an exciting career path for the future.