Jeep named America's 'most patriotic brand' in New York survey

File photo: Wikimedia Commons

When you think America, do you think Jeep? 98 percent of those polled in a recent survey do, apparently.

According to a survey conducted by Brand Keys, a New York-based marketing agency, Jeep led the way as the nation's "most patriotic brand."

The poll indicated that Jeep, the Ohio-based truck maker that has been in operation since World War II, garnered what they call the highest "emotional engagement strength" for any brand in the United States.

Beyond Jeep, the top five also included Hershey's, Coca-Cola, Levi Straus, Disney and Colgate.

Budweiser, Ford, Walmart and John Deere also make appearances on the list, all with engagement percentages above 80 percent. Among sports teams, the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers all scored highly as well.

Monikers of the multiple branches of our armed forces, including the Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, were all polled separately. They each scored extremely high, the firm said.