Glen's Garden Market owner aims to carry on family legacy

Danielle Vogel says from the shelves to the counter, almost everything in her Dupont Circle store, Glen’s Garden Market, is green. Everything comes from the Chesapeake Bay watershed. If the watershed touches the state, they source from it.

Vogel only sells products from as far as New York.

“When it became clear to me that we weren’t going to pass a climate change bill, I wanted to create a company that could make progress one bite at a time,” she explained.

Vogel is a former environmental lawyer and Capitol Hill staffer who comes from a long line of grocers. At Glen’s Garden Market, Vogel blends her Hill experience with her father’s dream. He hoped to open a locally-grown food store, too.

“It was a dream of his that was unfulfilled, so I’m trying every day to fulfill it here,” she added.

But her father, Glen, will never see how far she’s come. He passed away 10{ } years ago when Vogel was just 22-years-old.

“Everyone says that he will be so proud, but he’ll never get to know this place, which is sad,” she continued.

Vogel says her father is everywhere, helping her make an impact far from Capitol Hill.

“He is the only person who would have been more excited about this than myself. I so wish he could have seen it.”