Generation Y struggling to find jobs, settle for retail en masse

© 2011 by Trevor Blake, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

As the nation's unemployment level continues to hover at a rate of more than 8 percent, people across the United States are struggling to find jobs or advance their careers.

According to a new study from PayScale, though, the generation of young people dubbed "Millennials" are struggling the most.

The results of the company's "Gen Y on the Job" report shows that a majority of people aged 19-30 are settling for low-paying jobs, many in retail positions, while they look for full time work. They're taking these jobs in high numbers despite having Bachelors and advanced degrees.

The survey of tens of thousands of members of Generation Y shows that they're more likely to settle into roles in cell phone sales, clothing sales or merchandising that typically went to high school students, especially during the summer.

Meanwhile, the typical salary for a Millennial tends to settle at just under $40,000, but shows a disparity of more than $9,000 between the average salary of a young man versus a young woman. While a Generation Y male is averaging about $44,600 in annual salary, a female counterpart is only averaging $35,400.

The Washington metro area is also living up to it's reputation as being a hot spot for young workers as well. PayScale's survey says that 26 percent of the workforce in the D.C. area is made up of Generation Y members.

You can check out the results of the survey here.