Gas prices continue to drop in D.C. area and nationwide

There's potential good news at the gas pump as we head toward another busy holiday travel season - prices are dropping, and they may not yet have bottomed out.

AAA Mid-Atlantic says that the price for a gallon of gas in the D.C. metro area averaged $3.28 per gallon last week, down four cents from the previous week.

That number lines up with the national average of $3.28, which dropped two cents. Drivers within Washington, D.C. itself are still paying upwards of $3.46/gallon.

Prices are still higher than last year, comparatively, at this time. During the first week of December in 2010, drivers in the area were paying an average of $2.93 per gallon.

The drop in prices comes even as the price for a gallon of crude oil is trading at over $4 more than it was last week. Oil trading closed at $100.96/barrel last Friday.

AAA says that prices are 14 cents lower than they were at this time last month.