Apologetic florists, breadwinning mothers, futuristic Nikes

(WJLA) - Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but 1-800-FLOWERS is still apologizing to customers whose flowers and candy didn’t show up on time because of the bad weather.

1-800-FLOWERS sent out this tweet to frustrated customers: “We are committed to our 100% smile guarantee. We appreciate your patience as our caring team is working hard to resolve every concern.”

But still, angry customers complained that the company’s phone lines were jammed and are threatening to take their business elsewhere. Other customers say the company promised them a refund and a discount voucher – which they never got.

The harsh winter has shut down shipping ports, trucking routes, and airlines on-and-off over the past several weeks. This has kept shelves from being stocked and business in general unable to fill orders.

In other news, American women are now the top breadwinners in almost half of households with children, according to a new Pew research study. But are they happy about their increasing role as top earner?

Working Mother Media found that only 29-percent of mothers say they actually wanted the role of primary breadwinner; 71-percent of women say they fell into the role due to circumstances.

And no surprise – the women who actively chose to become the primary earner of the family were more satisfied than those who didn’t make the choice themselves.

Meanwhile, this is something straight of the movies. Nike is planning to make self-tying shoes – similar to the ones seen in the film, “Back to the Future II.”

Michael J. Fox’s character Marty McFly wore self-trying Nike Mags in the movie during the year 2015, and now, Nike’s real life version is slated to come out in 2015.

Back in 2011, Nike released limited edition pairs on eBay, but the shoes didn’t have the lace-up technology.

It’s not clear for now whether Nike plans to keep the Mags name for the new sneakers.