Fast food worker strike planned in seven cities nationwide

KFC is among the restaurants where workers have walked out in the past. Photo: Associated Press

While Mayor Vincent Gray and the D.C. Council grapple with Walmart and a bill that would force the big box retailer to pay its employees significantly more than minimum wage, fast food workers in seven cities are holding a protest over low wages.

Salon reports that fast food workers in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Milwaukee, Kansas City and Flint will walk out this week in solidarity with the SEIU and other local union. They want wages of $15 per hour and a chance to unionize.

It won't be the first time low-wage workers have walked out in protest. They've already done so on a smaller scale in several cities and representing several chains, including KFC and Jimmy John's in the recent past.

Salon says that advancement among workers in the fast food industry is extremely limited, according to a report by the National Employment Law Project.