Fake web sites hawking knockoffs

Ashley Miller bought a new north face jacket for herself online. It was $25 cheaper than usual.

But it was a knockoff with cheap stitching, loose threads and a zipper that sticks. The website---called North Face Outlet looked legit. But the site is a fake.

It’s just one red flag in a growing sea of counterfeit online goods. ICE recently shut down 150 such counterfeit websites in an increasingly sophisticated billion-dollar industry. Ninety percent of fake goods come from china and include footware, handbags and athletic clothing.

“These aren't Mom and Pop operations,” says ICE Director John Morton. “This is increasingly the business of organized crime overseas.”

Ashley Miller tried to return the jacket. But there was no receipt in the box and just shanghai, china for the return address.

But she's learned a value lesson

“Sometimes you can get so swept up in finding a bargain that you don't look for the signs that are right there in front of you,” she says.

Report suspected counterfeit websites/merchandise to:

ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement)
National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center

1-866-IPR-2060 or 703-603-3800