Facebook tests highlighted posts in New Zealand, report says

(Photo: Associated Press)

If you've always thought that your posts on Facebook were just a little bit more important than ones from anyone else, you might soon have a chance to prove it.

According to Stuff, a New Zealand-based news website, users in that nation are being offered the opportunity to "highlight" their Facebook status updates and other posts for a nominal fee.

One user told Stuff that a dialog box gave him an option to pay $2 to highlight his post in Facebook's news feed.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that they were testing the new feature.

According to TechCrunch, users who have access to the new feature see a "Highlight" option next to the normal Like and Comment functions below a status update. Some users say they haven't been asked to pay anything to highlight a post, while some say they've been prompted to pay a fee.

This is hardly the first time Facebook has made a move to make specific content more visible on the news feed of users. Last month, Facebook rolled out a "Trending Articles" feature on its home page, which shows an updated list of stories and articles from around the Internet that friends are reading.