Energizer, Duracell rate as top batteries by Consumer Reports

(WJLA) - The most popular battery size in the United States is the trusty AA cell, but not all batteries work the same.

They're definitely not priced the same, either. So, which brands last longer in devices like digital cameras, flashlights and toys? That was a task that Consumer Reports evaluated by testing 15 popular AA brands.

In a test of cameras, Energizer Lithium was top rated, taking 609 shots, while among alkalines, Duracell held up the best.

In other devices, alkaline batteries cost less and perform almost as well as lithiums in devices such as flashlights and remote controls.

Among flashlights, the battery life for an Energizer lasted about 7.3 hours. Falling short were Duracell batteries (6.8 hours) and Toys 'R Us brand cells (4 hours).

Overall, that Energizer Lithium tested best, while Duracells tested well for alkaline cells. Don't count out the trusty Kirkland Signature batteries, though, when on a budget.