Drugstore rewards program won't give customers similar savings

Check your wallet – how many rewards cards do you have?

They might all look similar, but they won’t give you the same savings.

We compared the three top drugstores in the D.C. area – CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid – to see which one saves you more. found that CVS’s “Extracare” card gives you 2-percent back on most purchases, personalized coupons, and extra bucks on beauty products and prescriptions.

Meanwhile, Walgreens’ “Balance Rewards” gives you points for working out with its store app, and AARP members get extra points on purchases and points for filling prescriptions.

Rite Aid’s “Wellness Plus” card offers restaurant gift cards and money off purchases, and seniors get 20-percent off non-prescription purchases once a month.

Bottom line: CVS may be the best option to get money back quickly. Though Rite Aid’s system offers discounts on almost everything, you only reap the benefits once you get to silver or gold status – which takes quite a bit of spending to reach.