Dog owners spend as much as $274K for lifespan of a pure breed, study says

The pricetag for a pure-bred Australian Labradoodle living the life in New York can be $274K, a study says. (Photo: Flickr/Daniel Hoult))

Cathy Bennett considers her two goldendoodles, Leo and Harley, family.

She brings "the boys" to the lap of luxury at Olde Towne Pet Resort in Springfield three times a week. They go for a dip in the pool, get massages, a grooming every Friday and play with other pooches in a pen filled with bacon flavored bubbles

Those services on top of boarding the doodles in luxury suites equipped with tv's and web cams adds up to between $200 and $500 a week.

Multiple that by a dogs lifespan and you get the idea.

Bloomberg reports that researchers have crunched numbers and come up with the price tag of owning a top-of-the line pure breed dog living the high life versus owning a mutt living a more middle class lifestyle.

The total cost of owning an Australian Labradoodle in New York City with a 12-year lifespan: $274,171.53.

The cost of owning a mutt in New York City with a 12-year lifespan: $59,668.88.

The study considers the poshest of the posh for dog collars, houses, grooming, etc. an indulgent owner might spend on their Doodle and accounts for more cost-friendly options a more fiscally conservative owner might spend on their mutt.

For Bennett, the hefty price-tag is well worth the return

“You can't put a price on love,” Bennett said. “You just can't.”

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Olde Towne Pet Resort is opening another pet hotel near Dulles Oct. 1st.

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